What do I do?

Responsive Web Design

I design websites that will work on all devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Whether it is small personal site or big project I use the newest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.

Progressive Web Apps

Take advantage of prograssive web application and create great user experience by allowing users to install your application on mobile and use it as native application.


Offline First Application

Thanks to Service Workers your website may work even if offline. An application is stored in cache and decrease loading time when online.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) nowdays. It allows to add content to your website very easily. It's good solutions for those who are going to write blog on their website.

UX / UI Design

Tomorrow belongs already to the past. I believe that web design should be a great user experience that brings essential results and improves the usability and the ease of use. To achieve this, I keep a close eye on all the latest internet trends and offer personalized design solutions for optimum user satisfaction.


SEO helps businesses gain customers. My aim is to improve website’s visibility within the search engines and drive traffic to your site.

My skills



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Anna Szałkiewicz
Tel. +48 538 362 252
E-mail: anna@mywebgraphicdesign.com